Thursday, September 6, 2007

Junk the Junk Mail

Save a Tree (and some carbon dioxide). Pledge to get off of junkmail lists as part of this month's Carbon Conscious Consumer Challenge.
Why you should take this pledge:
Everything we consume has a climate impact, but paper more so than most commodities. According to the Department of Energy, the forest products industry is the third largest industrial consumer of energy, behind only petroleum and chemicals, and the pulp and paper industry uses the vast majority of that energy. The production and disposal of direct mail alone consumes more energy than 3 million cars! So if junk mail adds clutter and annoyance to your life AND exacerbates climate change, why not take action to lighten your load?
Interfaith Power and Light is a religious response to global warming with chapters in 22 (Including Maine) and Greater Washington, D.C. Find a link to your local chapter at

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