Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Rhode Island Episcopalians Go Green

In an action unprecedented in its Rhode Island history, the Episcopal Diocese of Rhode Island voted during its recent 217th Annual Convention held October 26-27, ‘that congregations be encouraged to engage in the process of “greening” their churches utilizing the support of faith based organizations’.

The four-point resolution, entitled “Energy conservation and sustainable development”, also calls on “all parishes, missions, and institutions of the Diocese” to have energy audits conducted; encourages Episcopalians to “add their voices of faith” to efforts regarding climate change; and mandates the establishment of a Diocesan task force to study issues of climate change and “function as a resource for education, advocacy, and action”.

The resolution was developed and submitted by Arthur “Zeke” Olsen, Delegate from St. Augustine’s. Kingston. “This resolution was a direct result of our congregation’s membership in Rhode Island Interfaith Power and Light”, explained Olsen. “In joining RI-IPL last July we pledged to increase our congregation’s commitment to fight global warming. Moving the Diocese in this direction is only one action of many that we’re taking in conjunction with RI-IPL.”

Interfaith Power and Light is a religious response to global warming with chapters in 25 states and Greater Washington, D.C. Find a link to your local chapter at http://www.theregenerationproject.org/State.htmEnjoy discounts on energy saving products at http://www.shopipl.org/

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