Thursday, January 3, 2008

Santeria Priests Warn about Global Warming

According to this article in Reuters, Priests of the Santeria religion are prophesying that global warming will cause problems in the coming year. Read about it in the excerpt below:
HAVANA, Jan 2 (Reuters) - Priests offering New Year's prophecies from Cuba's Afro-Cuban religion on Wednesday gave few hints on the future of convalescing leader Fidel Castro and instead warned about dangerous climate change and epidemics.Many Cubans eagerly await annual predictions from the Santeria religion, which is practised by 3 million people in Cuba and uses animal sacrifices to contact Yoruba deities originally worshiped by slaves brought from Africa. Santeria priests, known as babalawos, steered clear of politics in this year's prophecies, instead warning about an environmental crisis, disease and crime.They noted an improving economy and said they planned sacrifices to better the lives of the majority of Cubans."The challenge at this historic moment is not a political challenge ... It is not a social challenge, but the challenge of nature," Victor Betancourt, a Havana priest, said at a news conference.
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