Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Common Wealth

The "Book Club" over at Slate is currently discussing Common Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet by Jeffrey Sachs. The "Book Club" features an ongoing discussion about a particular topic in the format of memos to fellow participants. So far only one memo has been posted; to follow the discussion as it develops over the next several days, scroll to the bottom of a memo and toggle between numbered entries. Here is an excerpt of the first entry, by Martin Wolf:
For more than three decades now, you've been tackling big policy challenges as an adviser to many—the United Nations and countless governments around the world, among others—and in your writings. But never before have you taken on a topic of the scope of Common Wealth. I'm delighted to be able to discuss the book with you over the next couple of days.
Yet, first of all, I want to congratulate you on its scope. It concerns nothing less than the future of the world. It is also a call to arms. In this epoch, for the first time in the history of our planet, one species, ours, is in charge of the planet. We have already learned the need for cooperation within national borders. Now, you argue, "the recognition that we share responsibilities and fates across the social divide will need to be extended internationally so that the world as a whole takes care to ensure sustainable development in all regions."
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