Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Eco-Aware Clothing

We have become aware of the negative impact on the environment of fast food, but what about "fast clothes?" You know, those cheaply-made, inexpensive fashion fads that fill the racks of stores like Old Navy, only to fill landfills at the end of the season. According to an article in the International Herald-Tribune,
Clothes — and fast clothes in particular — are large and worsening sources of the carbon emissions that contribute to global warming, both because of how they are produced and how they are cared for, concludes a thought- provoking report from researchers at Cambridge University entitled, "Well Dressed?"

The $1 trillion global textile industry must become eco-conscious, the report concludes. It explores how to develop more "sustainable clothing" — a seeming oxymoron in a world where fashions change every few months.

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