Thursday, January 4, 2007

Solar Power gets Hot

Spurred by financial incentives, California residents are adding solar panels to their properities, according to this article in the New York Times.

Companies like NextEnergy provide homeowners with a complete package that includes system design, permit applications, rebate processing, installation, maintenance and warranty. “It was a seamless, painless process,” said Mr. Yuen, whose system cost $16,000 after the California rebate and the federal tax credit, which together saved him $10,000. It was “comparable to having a sprinkler system put in,” he said.

Mr. Yuen, 47, was the first on his block to install a solar system: “In my circle I’m the eco-nut,” he said. But, he said, less than a year later they are quite common in his neighborhood. “A lot of people are really paying attention and beginning to think about the whole environmental cycle,” he added.

A related article about an increase in solar usage in the Northeast includes links to companies who do installation and information about state-based incentives and tax breaks in New Jersey, Connecticut and New York. Incentives can cover 40-70% of installation costs. According to the article, consumers in the Northeast can expect to receive about 90% as much power from solar panels as people in California.

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