Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Greening "Live Earth"

The "Live Earth" concerts are trying to be the greenest music festival in history, according to Reuters.
Live Earth producers want the world to watch what they do. "We want to make the concerts themselves part of the solution," Live Earth's Yusef Robb says. "What we're working very hard to do is something that has never been done before: establish a new green event standard that Live Earth will not only follow but hopefully future live events will follow as well."
The concerts will be built "from the ground up to be as green as possible," Robb says. "If there is a choice between a dirty lightbulb or a greener lightbulb to light the stage, we're working to find the technology that can generate the least amount of carbon. If there's a choice between two cups at a concessions stand, we want to identify the best one that not only makes a beer taste good but can also be recycled and didn't use a lot of carbon to produce in the first place."
Obviously, there will be some carbon that Live Earth will not be able to "design out" of the process, Robb says. "That's the reality of life in the 21st century. So we'll offset any remaining emissions."
Enter environmental adviser John Rego. Working primarily with corporate "greening" consultant Brand Neutral, as well as independent nonprofits the Climate Group and consultants Seven-Star and Meeting Strategies Worldwide, Rego oversees the Live Earth Global Green Team.
"One of the key objectives of our work is to gather best practices and create a 'greener' recipe for the industry going forward," Rego says. "The three main topics we focus on are energy, waste and transport, which are your three main carbon emitters worldwide, but also in a live event."
The diversity of the venues in which Live Earth will be staged is not only a challenge but a benefit, Rego says. "There's not one model that can be used across all of them," he says. "We have stadiums that are 30-plus years old and stadiums that are brand-new and just renovated, so obviously different challenges exist there."

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