Friday, July 13, 2007

Connecticut School Bus Exhausts Get Cleaner

A notice from Clean Water Action:
Recently the Connecticut General Assembly approved a state budget and budget implementation bill which included $10 million for school bus retrofits. The budget now goes to the governor who is expected to sign it.The funding, spread out over 2 years, will cover the full cost of purchasing and installing pollution control devices for the approximately 3,400 school buses in the state that are able to be retrofit and aren't scheduled to be immediately replaced. Pollution controls will keep exhaust out of the cabin and reduce tailpipe pollution up to 85%.

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Jennifer said...

My husband drives truck. They also have this emissions standards now with there vehicles.

Here is what it effectively does on his vehicle. Yes, I do think there is less fumes in the exhaust per gallon of diesel, but I don't know not a scientist. His old truck got 12 miles per gallon though. His new higher standards truck gets 5 miles per gallon.

Yes, 5 miles per gallon is considered good with the new emissions standards where as 15 was the good prior.

Is it really better?? I wonder. I don't have the answer though.