Monday, July 23, 2007

States Take Climate Matters Into Their Own Hands

At the annual National Governor's Association meeting, Governors discussed states taking action on climate change, according to a Washington Post article excerpted below:
States should develop creative approaches to climate change, just as they have with challenges such as health care, despite their different economic interests, governors said Saturday.
"No individual state is going to solve the climate change problem, but we can do our part," Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty said. "In the absence of national or international consensus or progress, we have the opportunity to show the way."

Talks on state-level climate policy were planned for the annual National Governors Association meeting this weekend at a resort on Lake Michigan, where receding water levels have touched off debate over the effects of global warming on the Great Lakes.
Stephen Johnson, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, and the European Union's environmental affairs counselor joined the discussion. More than a dozen states are asking the EPA for greater authority to regulate greenhouse gases, particularly automobile exhaust emissions.
"With the states taking action, even if you don't have 100 percent of America, you can have 40 or 50 percent or more, and that's a good start," Pennsylvania Gov. Edward Rendell said. "We can't just wait around for the federal government."

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