Friday, February 8, 2008

Disposing of broken CFLs

Every once in a while it happens: a compact fluorescent bulb breaks in the home. Since the bulb contains a small amount of mercury, here is how to handle the break, according to the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection:
If a CFL bulb breaks, open a window and leave the room for at least 15 minutes. Wear disposable gloves and pick up the broken pieces. Take a damp cloth and wipe and clean the area. Use duct tape to pat the area to remove any other small pieces.Place the broken pieces, cloth, disposable gloves and tape in a sealed bag and dispose. DO NOT VACUUM. Remember to recycled burned out bulbs in hazardous waste collections to keep mercury out of the environment and the landfills. HG in a circle design indicates mercury. Also remember that coal plants release mercury and using CFLs, if properly disposed of, means less mercury since less energy is used.
Many Thanks to Judi Friedman of PACE for sending this item.

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