Thursday, July 17, 2008

Go,Team Carbon-Reduction!

A New York Times article talks about Carbon Rally, a website that enables you to join forces with like-minded friends and family to reduce your carbon footprint. An excerpt is below:
I ended up at, a site that promised to make me feel good about what I do to save energy instead of feel guilty about what I don’t.
Or, as Jason Karas, the founder, put it, “We’re not going to make you upload your utility bills and measure your carbon footprint and learn fundamentally negative information like, here’s all the really bad stuff you do.”
CarbonRally, which began nine months ago with a single proposal to give up bottled water, now offers a few dozen ways that individuals — or teams — can save energy. For instance, keeping tires properly inflated on an average car that travels 12,000 miles a year will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 29.1 pounds a month.
The site offers an extensive explanation for its calculations. What leapt out at me was a statistic: a car with properly inflated tires will use 1.5 gallons less gas monthly.
That came out to $83.16 a year — or more, if gas prices rise. We needed a family team.
Interfaith Power and Light is a religious response to global warming with chapters in 26 states and Greater Washington, D.C. Find a link to your local chapter at out the National IPL Blog.Find discounts on energy saving products at


Isaac said...

Thanks for the shout-out! if anybody needs help setting up a Carbonrally team please don't hesitate to visit out site at

-Isaac Van Wesep

Isaac Van Wesep said...

Pastor Denise - thanks so much for noticing Carbonrally and writing about us on your blog. We are familiar with your organization, and we think it would be fantastic if some of the IPL congregations formed teams and joined the Rally. If you need any help or want more information about us, please don't hesitate to email me (Isaac) at or call me on my cell phone at 617-233-6363. Keep up the good work - its an inspiration. Thanks again.
-Isaac Van Wesep,