Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Do U Care2?

Care2 is a social networking website for the eco-aware (Think MySpace for tree huggers and human rights activists. It claims 6 million members. Is Care2 for you? What's it all about? Here's what President and CEO Randy Paynter says:

Our goal: Make the world a better place.
The plan: Connect people who care (that's you!) with the organizations, responsible businesses and individuals getting results. It's a big plan that touches on health, the environment, women's rights, spirituality, children's welfare, human rights and much more.
Our role: we're just here to facilitate and empower all of these amazing, diverse efforts. It's incredible what individuals and organizations can accomplish when they have the right tools. You are our inspiration.
The result: Awe inspiring. Care2 members are rocking the planet. Take peek at some recent
success stories!
And it's catching on. More than a million new members joined Care2 this past year. Young and old, rich and poor, meeting, discussing, getting involved, making a difference. No matter what your passion (or even if you're trying to figure out what your passion is!) I think you'll find Care2 is a welcoming place with countless ways to make a difference.
Thank you for caring!

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