Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Art for the Climate

A new art exhibit in Argentina is designed to raise awareness about the issue of climate change, according to a story in Reuters.

As icebergs melt and sea levels rise at the north and south poles due to global warming, dozens of artists are installing and performing works in this small Argentine city on the island of Tierra del Fuego to highlight the damage being done.
"Sunflower: Sentinel for Climate Change" is just one of the pieces on display here this month at the so-called End of the World Biennial. But with its solar-paneled petals, thermometers and cameras, it is probably the most functional.
"I think all of us should do something" about global warming, said Argentine artist Joaquin Fargas. "The idea of Sunflower is that it becomes an icon, an emblem of the need for all of us to be witnesses to what is happening."

The story includes photos of some of the pieces.
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