Sunday, April 22, 2007

Protect Water for Earth Day

Church World Service is focusing attention this Earth Day on the importance of water in the discussion around climate change.
Rajyashri Waghray, education and advocacy director for the global humanitarian agency, emphasizes that attention must be paid to the needs of people, particularly the "vulnerable and marginalized"--who will be hit hardest by looming water shortages.
Says Waghray, "One of the root causes of hunger and poverty is the lack of access to safe, affordable water and sanitation. CWS works to confront these root causes."
Church World Service is offering education, worship, and public policy resources to help people better understand this vital issue issue; is working with partners to increase access to safe water for drinking, sanitation, and household use; and is providing public policy advocacy opportunities to help you get involved.

CWS has a variety of resources available on the topic of water. Check it out here.

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