Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Message of Hope

PR Web has an announcment of a new book about faith, hope, and science as it pertains to climate change.
Darwin, Divinity, and the Dance of the Cosmos: An Ecological Christianity (Copperhouse 2007) Bruce Sanguin shows us the way to find a spiritual solution by integrating ecology into our concept of God.
Sanguin draws on upon the work of mathematical physicist and cosmologist Brian Swimme and cultural historian Thomas Berry. Sanguin takes the next step of integrating evolution and the new physics with faith. The latest scientific understandings of the nature of the universe are woven together with biblical narratives, the teachings of Jesus, and a long suppressed Wisdom tradition grounded in the feminine divine.
The end result is a truly evolutionary
Christian theology – a feat few theologians have even attempted. This new Christian way provides a vision to lead us out of the global climate crisis.
Bruce Sanguin is an evocative, Earth-conscious minister at Canadian Memorial Church and Centre for Peace in Vancouver, British Columbia. He has been a United Church minister for 18 years; before that he was a practicing therapist. Bruce has a passion for reconciling
science and religion. He is the author of Summoning the Whirlwind: Unconventional Sermons for a Relevant Christian Faith.

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