Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Climate Change Fiction Reviewed

Salon features Andrew Leonard's glowing review of the third volume of Kim Stanley Robinson's trilogy about global warming, "Sixty Days and Counting," which arrived in bookstores last week. He notes that the books have been so effective at predicting the results of climate change so far that
Perhaps the best way to put it is that these novels are not fiction, even if the characters are all made up and the action scenes cry out for some state-of-the-art Hollywood treatment. But then again, who needs a movie to tell this story? Just look outside!

Perhaps the most fantastic aspect of Robinson's trilogy is that a president gets elected in the United States who intends to actually do something about climate change, and makes some headway. There's also a charming Buddhist subplot that takes reincarnation very seriously and gives some quality time to the Dalai Lama. Oh, and there are some bad guys intent on manipulating election results through computerized voting machines. Wait, didn't that already happen? Or did it?

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