Thursday, March 1, 2007

A Mighty (Green) Fortress

According to Chips, the student newspaper of Luther College in Iowa, Luther College President Richard Torgerson has joined a new Reformation--he is one of the first College presidents to sign a pledge to become a carbon-neutral institution.
“In the end, of course, it’s important that the president has this commitment,” said [Luther College religion professon Jim] Martin-Schramm. “But the only way this commitment will bear fruit is if more of us, or all of us, also make this commitment — make this a priority and recognize this as a genuine moral challenge that requires investment of time, resources and willingness to change how we do things.”

According to the article, Luther will conduct a comprehensive inventory of its carbon emissions and develop a plan to completely eliminate them. Luther will also work to integrate sustainability into its curriculum.

So far no word on whether the plan will be nailed to a door.

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