Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Keep Stepping it Up

That's the message Bill McKibben is putting out through this New York Times puff piece about his Step it Up 2007 local demonstrations on Saturday, April 14.

“We don’t have a movement,” [Bill McKibben wrote in a recent article on]. “The largest rally yet held in the U.S. about global warming drew a thousand people. If we’re going to make the kind of change we need in the short time left us, we need something that looks like the civil rights movement, and we need it now. Changing light bulbs just isn’t enough.”

All the scattered “actions,” as Mr. McKibben and Company are calling them, are to be photographed, with the results put up on the Web on the evening of April 14.

On March 14 Bill was also a guest on "On Point," an NPR show produced by WBUR in Boston. He participated in a debate about switching to a local, sustainable economy, based on his new book Deep Economy.

Learn more about Step it Up 07, join or create a local action at

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