Friday, March 2, 2007

Time of Use Electric Power Comes to Connecticut

This story from WNPR gives an overview of so-called "Time of Use" electric rates in Connecticut. You can listen to the MP3 here. What is "Time of Use"? This blurb that appears on their website does a pretty good job of explaining it:

HARTFORD, CT (2007-02-27) Consumers know they pay less if they use their cell phones at night. Someone looking for a good deal on a vacation in the Caribbean knows it's cheaper in the summer than the winter. But people aren't used to thinking about what time of day they switch on the dishwasher.
Soon more people will be billed on a time-of-use electric rate, designed to get people to use electricity during the time of day when there's less demand for it. WNPR's Nancy Cohen reports it could also help people suffering from soaring electric rates save money.

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