Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Earth-Friendly Giving

A number of religious traditions celebrate holidays that involve gift giving around this time of year. For those of you still stumped about what to give/what to request as a gift, here are some earth-friendly gift links.
If you haven't already, stop by the Center for a New American Dream. There you can find suggestions on avoiding conspicuous holiday consumption.

For those who have everything (and maybe even a little too much), the gift of Carbon Offsets can be appropriate and even welcome.
Some of us still can't resist the allure of receiving cool stuff, and what's cooler to environmentalists than recycling? Eco-Artware features gifts crafted from recycled materials like a wreath from repurposed street signs.

For my fellow organic food snobs, there is Ideal Bite and Eco-express, which features both food and personal care items. If you are lucky enough to live near a Whole Foods, you can pick up a food gift on your way to holiday gatherings. If you have a sweet tooth, check out their Tiny Trapeze line. (Disclaimer: Tiny Trapeze is the brainchild of a friend of a friend.) At my house we're packaging do-it-yourself gift baskets in recycled clementine orange crates. We've decorated them with children's art, but they look nice just as they are.

For the right person, Reusable Bags are a thoughtful gift.

Lovers of the exotic might appreciate World of Good fairly traded gifts.
What are you hoping to find in your organically grown, unbleached hemp stocking this year?

Post your ideas in the comment field.

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