Tuesday, December 12, 2006

"God's Eye View" of California Coast Goal of New Project

The National Science Foundation has funded the Coast to Mountain Environmental Transect, or COMET, project with a $2.1 million, three-year grant.

Based on existing networks funded by the National Science Foundation, COMET will integrate data data ranging from climate to chemistry to animal counts, over distances from hundreds of miles to a few feet, spanning timescales from minutes to decades, and put it into a "virtual library" for geosciences.

"How is climate change going to change precipitation patterns, summer droughts or snowfall? Will there be more wildfires, and how will that affect climate change? If we're going to understand what's happening with the environment, we need better networks of sensors," said Susan Ustin, professor and director of the Center for Spatial Technologies and Remote Sensing at UC Davis, and of the Western Regional Center of the National Institute for Global Environmental Change.

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